Cores 1-4:

  1. Today is all about refocusing our efforts on our Weekly Authentics. I would like to recognize those of you who have been putting going above and beyond in creating our writing community. The following is a list of the most prolific authors of the past 30 days. The number beside the user name is to signify how many posts per day they have done. in the last 30 days. Now, I know that 2 weeks of this thirty days we weren’t in school, so I think that this list will change, but I would like to start posting a most prolific award as well as an Authenticity award so that I can constantly support those of you who have truly made blogging a part of your lives.
  2. Today, and from now on, you will have many more options of what to do with your tech-day Tuesday (or Wednesday in this case).
    • Many of you have chosen online friendly subjects to work on for your personal curriculum. You may continue to work on these projects and use your blog as a type of online notebook. Take notes with it. Figure things out with it. Publish your findings, whether they are in finished form or not. Collect pictures that you will want to use in your project and write about them, link to all of the web pages that you will be using. As long as you have at least one paragraph of real writing somewhere in all of that research, you will be able to use it for your weekly authentic.
    • Many of you have become excited about the idea of blogging about the books you are reading. Go for it. Ask great questions about your characters, look deep into the thematic elements of the books, talk to the characters as if they were real people if you like. There are so many different ways to interact with a piece of reading, find one and start writing. Stretch the boundaries of your blog a little.
    • Some of you have been stringing together your blog posts, making a story out of them. Feel free to continue. Or, if you would rather just post what you have been posting all along. Do that too, but make sure that you are trying new things, pushing yourself to become better and better at blogging and writing in the process. Link to things you wouldn’t normally. Find relevance in someone else’s post. Be the great writer that you are.