Cores 1-4:

  1. Before we start our next major thematic unit based upon curriculum and knowledge that I think is important, I would like us to spend one more day thinking big about what and how we should be learning.
  2. I told you yesterday about a English Professor who was using a virtual world as a place to meet for her classes. Well, last night I did a little more research about what kids were doing with second life, and I found a site called Holy Meatballs. This site is actually all about connecting kids around the world to talk about big issues, ideas, and trends in technology, society, and culture. This site inspired me to start a discussion with all of you about what learning can be if we only decide to make it happen.
  3. So, I would like all of us to take today and think as big as we can about how learning in your generation can be more powerful than any other. I would like you to start thinking about what a perfect learning environment will look like.