Cores 1-4:

  1. It is harder for some of us to think outside of what we know, to dream up something completely radical and filled with hope. I would like to thank you for destroying the boundaries of the classroom, if only for one day. Yesterday, I saw so many great ideas shared and built upon. You have made me think harder and longer because of your terrific insights, and obviously that is a good thing. The thing I was most struck by is how little you trusted yourself to learn if you have more freedom to pursue what you wanted to. If the personal curriculum is any indication, I think that you all would do just fine. If you would like to see my favorite excerpts from our discussion (and eventually some of my thoughts about these ideas) you can check out my google notebook.
  2. As for our Weekly Authentics this week, I promised you that I would devise a way for you to tell me which post should be counted as your most authentic (and hopefully best) post of the week. Well, that is just the beginning. For a long time I have also been searching for a way to reflect on our Weekly Authentic posts without having to write another post to do it. Some of you have told me that you would like to be able to search through the weekly authentic posts by genre, topic, or date. Enter Del.icio.us. This web site allows us to save all of our “Official Weekly Authentic” posts, describe them using more than a mere title, reflect upon them in a real way, and categorize them so that we can search through them however we want. I will show you how to do this, and then I will give you some other options for using this service. If you need some more help, you can always go to the how-to.
  3. Please post your Weekly Authentic for this week, and then work on nominating some of the others that have been posted.